Rebar iOS Common Issues

Monkton, Inc.

Common issues for iOS will be added here as time goes on.

iOS Simulator Freezes

Navigate to Simulator > Edit > Disable "Automatically Sync Pasteboard"

App Store Processing Complaining of Frameworks in wrong folder

With different build targets, your archive name and target output name may be different. For instance, with Monkton's Homes, we have four build targets:

  • Homes
  • HomesNIAP
  • HomesScannable
  • HomesAppStore

The fourth, HomesAppStore is our App Store build and configuration. The Target product name is Homes, which causes a conflict when submitted to the App Store. When the App Store processes the app, it sees Payload/ in the IPA HomesAppStore. So, when the App Store processes, it is looking to validate the Payload/ To fix this, navigate to the Scheme configuration for your App Store build and change the Archive Name to match your Product Name.

Managing Schemes Selection