Rebar Deployment

Monkton, Inc.

This page iterates through the several supported methodologies of deploying Rebar in different environments. Rebar is a Containerized solution, that can run in a variety of environments.

Deployment Requirements

For customer deployments not managed by Monkton, we deploy with Docker Containers. This enables rapidly deployment and updates of the Rebar Hub.

Required Components:

  • Docker or Kubernetes
  • Redis or DynamoDB (AWS)

Minimum Requirements for Rebar:

  • 512MB or RAM for Rebar Admin
  • 1GB or RAM for Rebar API

Deployment Walkthroughs

Here we will walk through the deployment methodologies that we leverage to deploy Rebar, via Docker.

Containerized Deployment

To learn how to deploy with Docker, follow the instructions located here.


Within AWS, our prefered model to deploy is leverage AWS Fargate and AWS DynamoDB as the core technologies. Within AWS, we support the requisite controls to provide in depth auditing laid out by FedRAMP and DoD SRG.

AWS Snow* deployment

Rebar supports installation and deployment on AWS Snow devices with compute. Instructions will be posted here in Q42020.