Import and Export

To migrate from one Rebar environment to another, the process is rather simple. Once Rebar has been configured, you can export the database. This will include user accounts and associated metadata, groups, configuration settings, JWT providers, email configuration, and apps.

The exported data will be a JSON structured file that can be uploaded to your new environment.


Data can only be imported to the Rebar Hub after initial configuration. Once you have stepped through the initial configuration portal, navigate to the Import and Export screen. There you will be prompted to upload the import JSON file.

Once data has been imported, it will take a few minutes for the Rebar Hub API Service to have the cache refreshed.


Once the Rebar Hub has data associated with it, it can have that data exported. Tap the Export Data button to have a JSON configuration of the Rebar Hub automatically downloaded.

Note There is no means to import into an existing and configured Rebar Hub environment.