Administrative Auditing

Auditing is a critical part of accountability within any security conscious organization. For all administrative actions in the Rebar Hub - auditing is performed for every operation within the Rebar Hub. Generally, the changes will record the differential update for the operation performed.

For instance, if the security configuration for an app is changed, it will compare the differences and log the changes.

The Administrative Auditing screen presents the administrator with all the audit logs that have occurred with date and time stamps, action, as well as the user who performed them. Paging is also provided to allow the administrator the ability to scan through logs.

Record Details

When tapping the Details for a record, you will be presented with information pertaining to the record in questions. The Record Details tab will present you information on the user, IP address, etc that performed the action.

The Record Changes will inform the administrator of the changes that occurred within the record. Depending on the change, it maybe a minor differential of just the piece of data updated or in more complex examples, such as the configuration for app security, it will present a detailed record of the recorded changes.